Corporate Information

Car rental is one of the services that many individual and corporate customers often need in today's world. Car rental services are one of the advantageous choices for customers with their great privileges, comfort and convenience. Many people nowadays can find a response to their transportation needs with long-term or short-term car rental services instead of buying a car. Thanks to this intense interest in car rental services, there has been an increase in the number of companies providing this service. In this way, although it seems that there are many options for customers, it can be difficult for customers to reach the right name from time to time due to the density of this company.

Our Experienced Working Team

As MYG Rent a Car, we have been offering car rental services to our individual and corporate customers for many years. The experience we have gained over the many years we have spent in the sector with our expert working team in the field is a great supporter in increasing our service quality. We always follow the agenda closely in order to achieve the better and to provide the best and latest services to our customers. We also add all the additional services that our customers may need in today's conditions. Knowing the importance of customer relations, transparent communication, we are also proud to have a comprehensive customer service department. In addition, with our large vehicle fleet, we manage to respond to the changing tastes and expectations of all our customers.

Service Diversity and Innovative Working System

We know that each customer has their own unique wants, needs and expectations. With this perspective, we carry out a sensitive work in terms of providing special service to our customers. In addition to our long and short term car rental services, we also have a car rental service with a driver. We are with you, our valued customers, with our airport transfer services, which are met with great interest. With our wide rental point network, we are with you wherever you are. You do not need to visit our branch to benefit from our car rental service. Customers who travel between cities can also easily leave your vehicle at our travel points in different cities. You may be satisfied with this wide range of services that are integrated with payment facilities and budget-friendly price opportunities. You can easily reach us from our phone and WhatsApp access line to get to know our company more closely and to get detailed information about our services.

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